Corporate Logos

Our Creative Director has a special interest in brand strategy.
We investigate your company’s competitive landscape and
work with you to develop an appropriately unique logo mark.

Custom Apparel

We believe that teams perform at their best when they dress in their best.
Our designers will use your company’s logo or theme and
create a memorable design for your custom apparel.
We have produced a myriad of items, such as:
socks, pants, jackets, shirts, accessories, hats and bags.

Award Layouts

Simple design work is included when you purchase items from Benchmark.
If you want to step outside the box and come up with something more complex,
then we have you covered! We have experience working with just about
any type of award you can imagine!

We approach every design with the end in mind. Our staff will ensure that all the elements of your project
will look amazing in the spaces you plan to use them. Our team has decades of experience in design,
project management and visual coding. We can’t wait to build something beautiful with you!

Ben Richard, Creative Director


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