Matt Jenkins

“Inspire, Empower and Devote.” is Matt's mantra and mission. He took ownership of Benchmark in 2013 and set the company on a path to change the world through Humble Excellence.!

Zach Freeman

Our bonafide life coach, Zach believes that sweating during a time of peace will prevent bleeding in a time of war. The first to arrive and last to leave; he is the bedrock of Benchmark.

Jamie Hope
Sr. Consultant

“The Game Changer.” Jamie always swings for the fence, but that doesn't stop him from having a good time! 50% Jokester + 50% Obstinate = 200% Good Guy

Mark VanTassell
Sr. Consultant

The “Benchmark Bloodhound.” Wise, diligent and loyal; he embodies all the best qualities of his nickname. If he can't find it, then it doesn't exist!

Lisa Kenney
Brand Amabassador

Lisa thrives on making connections. She spends her time helping our customers build their brand. She specializes in School, Sports, and Corporate branding.

Tammy LaBollita
Accounting & HR Mgr.

Tammy approaches problems with a calm sophistication that we quite frankly lacked before she came on board. She puts people first and gives great advice when someone on the team needs guidance.

Dwayne Jenkins
Warehouse Mgr.

Dwayne has the work ethic of man on a mission. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty while solving problems and is a genuine team player.

Zack Jenkins
Production Lead

His wit is as sharp as his attention to detail. Zack takes personal responsibility to insure that all of our products meet rigid Benchmark quality standards.

Jonelle Howard
Engraving Specialist

Jonelle has a keen eye for color and texture. She produces beautiful custom prints and engravings full time with Benchmark and designs amazing fine art pieces in her free time.

Miriam Robinson
Production Associate

Miriam greets every situation with a smile. She'll talk your ear off and give you the shirt off her back. Her charitable work in the community exemplifies the Benchmark brand.

Ben Richard
Creative Director

Works on elevating Benchmark to be a household name with a strong brand voice. A perpetual student of business, branding and leadership.

Wil Jean
Project Coordinator

Wil has the patience of a winding river. He treats each project with care and urgency. He is our proof-reading extraordinaire with a heart of gold.

Noah Jenkins
Production Artist

A creative thinker with a wry sense of humor. He takes efficiency to the next level through automation and scripting. He is our unofficial “okayest” guy of the year!

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